T-Shirt Benefit Event: Spacetime Odyssey & Cosmos University 

T-shirts available for $11 at The Yetee.

Each year, representatives of The Planetary Society and CEO Bill Nye travel to Washington D.C. to educate Congress about NASA and its planetary exploration program. 

$3 from each sale will go toward The Planetary Society, aiding in their continuation to reverse cuts in annual funding for planetary exploration. For 3 years in a row, The Planetary Society has been successful in their efforts, and we need to keep that going!!

Created by Pacalin

Image: Pauline Acalin, Some of the Fuel Entertainment team with my wooden E.T. I made a couple years back. From L to R: Gerhard Runken (VP), Jim Manduca, Mike Burns (CEO) and Dave Ozipko. First proof the legend is true. Atari E.T. playstations in the New Mexico desert. Special visit from none other... Myself and Howard Scott Warshaw, creator of Atari E.T., Raiders of the Lost Ark and Yars' Revenge. Me, waiting for the dig to begin.

Some pics I took from the E.T. Atari dig. :)


Atari E.T. Landfill Dig

We thought you’d enjoy another round of it8bit coverage from the Alamogordo, NM landfill. Click on images for captions.

Photos by Pacalin

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